Reseller Features



Intro To The SocialXpand Opportunity

Learn how easy it is to have your local social media and online reputation business in your area. We provide everything you need to run a successful social media business.

  • White Label (on your domain)
  • Marketing website
  • Social & reputation software
  • Marketing material
  • Ongoing training and support
  • Untapped market with unlimited potential



How To Make Money

This video will walk you through how you make money with your platform and what other resellers are charging.










Reseller Platform Demo

Watch how easy it is to run your local social media business using the platform. It has four modules all in one; a social media management, online reputation monitoring, social sweepstakes and social deals. Resellers are able to manage business's social media or sell the software for the business to manage.








Content Branding

The feature that is changing the Social Media game. Brand every article you post from other websites with a banner that is branded with our business, contact info and call to action button.