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Reseller Updates



+ Add Custom Fields to Deals & Sweepstakes

You and your clients can now add custom fields to your deals and sweepstakes. Collect more data from birthdate to poll questions and more.



+ Hide "Special Instructions" Field on Social Ordering Checkout Page

We've made a small update on a businesses social ordering (or shopping cart) whereby you may now hide the "Special Instructions" field that would normally appear at the checkout page. To remove this field, login to a business portal that is using the social ordering feature, click Social Ordering -> Configuration and check off the box that says "Hide special instructions on checkout page"


+ Payment Integration Coupon Code Usage Counter

You can now keep track of how many times a coupon code you created for your various promotions. To view, you must have integrated with our seamless billing integration with Stripe. You'll see the counter when you login to your admin panel and navigate to Billing -> Coupon Codes. This can prove tremendously useful, for example, when multiple sales agents are selling on your behalf to monitor how many sales each agent has made based on the number of coupon codes used for their efforts.


+ Connecting & Posting To Social Media Video Tutorial

We've uploaded a new white label video tutorial to your Main Training Videos googledocs outlining how to connect and post to social media from your business portals.


+ Upload and Post Video Files

You can now upload and post videos directly from SocialXpand to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Simply login to a business portal, click Social Media -> Custom Post, then select "Video" from the Post Type dropdown menu.


+ Search For Content To Post - BiG UPDATE

This new feature allows you and your merchants to search for articles to post by topic. Try it out by logging into a business portal and selecting "Search for Content" from the RSS Feeds dropdown menu in the content section


+ Business Name Appears on Automated Deal Email

Whenever a customer enters to earn a deal from a business, the automated email will now be from the business instead of from the licensee.


+ How To Add A Business Video Tutorial

This video walks you through the process of adding a business to your platform so that you can provide the merchant with login credentials and/or allow you to add and manage business accounts.


+ Adding News Updates To Business Portals Video Tutorial

This video shows you how to add news updates to your merchants' business portals in the same way that we keep you updated with news updates on your admin panel.



+ Configuring Your Website Video Tutorial

This video shows you how to edit, configure, and customize your website.


+ Customizing Plans & Pricing Video Tutorial

This video walks you through how to add, edit, and customize the plans and pricing on the pricing page of your website.


+ Email Integrations Video Tutorial

This video shows you how to connect to Constant Contact and/or MailChimp email marketing platforms so that anyone who fills out a contact form on your website will be seamlessly be imported into those accounts.


+ "Check-in's" option now added to Facebook analytics data.

When you create an analytics report for a business, you will now have the option to add Facebook check-in's as a data point. Check-ins allow visitors to a business to "Check-in" on Facebook -- meaning that their friends will see that they have visited the business.


+ Terms & Conditions option added to Deals & Sweepstakes

Whenever you add a new deal or sweepstake or edit an existing one, you will see a new "Terms & Conditions" field in which you have the option to add any terms and conditions that the business would like to display on the deal or sweepstake.


+ New Social Ordering Updates:

Email alerts when inventory gets low  - You can set the level to trigger the alert globally (for all products) on the configuration page, or per product on their respective edit screen.


Include Google directions for delivery orders - Just check off the "Include directions for delivery orders" box under takeout & delivery settings.


+ Advanced Analytics Update

We've begun working on updating all SocialXpand licensee accounts with advanced analytics. In a nutshell, this new reporting will provide you with deeper analytic information for all of your businesses social media accounts; the ability to customize, save, and export reports, create your own reports, and even analyze data about businesses deals, sweepstakes, and content banners.


You may notice a new business called "FB Test App" appear in your list of businesses. Please DO NOT edit, login, or delete this business as it may affect the approval of your pending analytics updates.


Once the submission process is complete, you will have the new analytic reporting capabilities available at your disposal.


We hope that this new feature will add more value to your business.



+ Percent Off Coupon Codes in Billing Integration

If you have enabled our seamless billing integration, you can now create and attach percent off coupon codes to plans and prices - offer discounts on monthly/annual rates and/or set-up fee.


+ Auto-set New Business Passwords

When adding a new business to your admin panel, if the Password field is left blank then the password for the merchant to sign in will automatically be set as: 123456



Updates to Social Ordering, Sales Agents, and New Documents…

+ New Social Ordering Updates:

- Ability to add discount code field at the check out page - To create a coupon, go to the business portal -> Social Ordering -> Coupon Codes


- Add related items - Merchants can now add related items below the selected item in their social ordering platform. To add related items, go to the business portal -> Social Ordering -> Menu / Product List - then when adding or editing an item, you'll see a dropdown at the bottom allowing you to select a related item.


+ More Permissions for Sales Agents

You now have the ability to select whether or not a sales agent can access and manage your blog (if you have one). This can be done when adding a new agent or on an existing agents edit screen.


+ 30 Day Social Media Posting Calendar

It can be tough to come up with daily content for your social media efforts - especially if you're managing accounts for multiple businesses. A sound social media strategy includes a healthy mix of different kinds of posts. So we've pulled together a 30 day social media posting calendar for you to provide to your merchants - available in your Resources/Marketing Material (dropbox).





Add reCAPTCHA to Your Contact Form

If you're getting spam submissions from you contact form on your website, or just want an added layer of protection, we can add a reCAPTCHA for you. To add a reCAPTCHA to your website, just send a request to:


Social Ordering & Billing Updates

+ Social Ordering / Shopping Cart Updates:

- Return Policy: Businesses now have the option to include a return policy in their shopping cart. To include a return policy, login to a business portal, click "Social Ordering" -> "Configuration" and scroll to the bottom to enter it in.


- Add Tip: Businesses have the option of adding an optional tip line at the check out stage of their shopping cart so that customers can leave a tip before completing the payment process. To include the tip line, login to a business portal, click "Social Ordering" -> "Locations" -> "Edit", scroll down to "Takeout & Delivery Settings" and click the checkbox next to "Request Tip."


+ Assign Discount Codes by Plan

You can now assign discount codes by plans if you have the seamless billing integration enabled. Simply create a code and check the boxes next to the plans you wish to have the code applied to.


+ Updates to our Seamless Billing Integration

We allow you to collect payments from your customers directly from your website/platform using our seamless payment integration with Stripe. We've made the following updates:


- Ability to add a tax percentage to your plans prices

- Optional "I agree to terms and conditions" check box and corresponding link to external terms and conditions URL

- Ability to include redirect URL after payment has been completed (for example, you can link to a thank you splash page)

- Ability to create and attach coupon codes to plans and prices - offer discounts on month/annual rates and/or set-up fee

- Ability to edit "Get Started" text after seamless billing integration is enabled (manage in you admin panel -> Website -> Configuration)

- Ability to choose which plans charge a set-up fee

- We included "100% SSL secure" and credit card logos on the sign-up page


+ Error Logging Notifications

You will now be notified if any of your businesses have any connection issues that need to be addressed as well as upcoming connections that will need to be refreshed. LinkedIn requires that connections to their platforms be refreshed every 60 days, so you will be informed 10 days before the refresh date so that there will be no interruption in your service.


+ Expanded Deal Expiration Options

You can now easily define how many days, weeks, or months until a deal you create on a business portal expires. This expiration date will also be included in the email sent to the customer who earns the deal.


+ New Deal, Sweepstake, and Content Banner Data

We've added some data into your business portals for deals, sweepstakes and content banners.


+ Deals

You and your merchants will be able to see how many times your deals were viewed, sent, and redeemed.


+ Sweepstakes

You and your merchants will be able to see how many times your sweepstakes were viewed and entered.


+ Content Banners

You and your merchants will be able to see how many times your content banners were viewed and how many subscribers and/or downloads they received.


Updates to Social Ordering, Billing, and Sales Agents

+ Online Ordering only on Social Ordering

Good news for business owners who do not have a brick and mortar storefront - an online only option has been added to social ordering. To activate, navigate to the business portal -> configuration and check the box next to "Online Only". This will remove the "Take Out" option and allow you to rename the "Delivery Label Text" to whatever you deserve (i.e. "Checkout"). In the locations section, the "Take out" and "Delivery" boxes will be removed, and the hours of operation settings will disappear. Lastly, merchants can hide their address from their storefront by checking the "Hide address from website" button".


+ Automatically charge Setup & Optimization Fee on billing integration

If you're using our seamless billing integration with Stripe, you can now have your Social Setup & Optimization Fee automatically applied to new customer sign-ups. To enable, navigate to your Admin Panel -> Website -> Plans and check off the "Charge setup fee at sign up" box. This will charge your new customer the setup fee along with the first month payment up front, and only charge the monthly or annual fee moving forward.


+ New Permission Options for Sales Agents

You now have the ability to determine whether or not a sales agent can Add Businesses, Login to Businesses, and have access to the Prospecting tool. This gives you advanced control over how your Sales Agents or other users can leverage the platform.


+ Advertise Up To 6 Pricing Options

You can now add and display up to six pricing plans and package on your pricing page.


New White Label Business Portal Video Tutorials


+ Connecting & Monitoring Review Sites

This white label video can be found in the your googledocs Main Training Video


Adding RSS Feeds Video

This white label video can be found in the your googledocs Main Training Video


Updates to Merchant's Social Ordering

+ Item Based Shipping Price Option

On a merchant's social ordering tool, you can now choose whether you want to assign a specific delivery price for an item.


+ CSS Option for Social Ordering

If a merchant wants to assign custom CSS to their social ordering tool, there is now a field that will allow them to do so in the design section.


+ Fully customize your payment plans

You now have the ability to add, edit, and delete features on your payment plans. You may reset your plans to the default at any time. You also have the option to add a 4th plan.


+ Content Banner Improvements

If a specific URL does not support our content banner, instead of loading a blank page, it will automatically redirect to the destination URL.


+ Add, Edit, and Delete Features on Plans/Pricing Page

You now have the ability to add, edit, and delete features on your plans and pricing page. To do so, simply click on the Website -> Plans button in your admin panel.


Pinterest Button for your Website

If you create a Pinterest account for your business, you can now include the link from your website by including the URL in the Pinterest field of your Website Configuration page of your admin panel.



+ Pinterest Integration is Live!

When you log in to a business portal, you'll see the new Pinterest integration is now live. Connect to Pinterest accounts in the Connections tab and start pinning to Pinterest Boards today!



Monitoring Alerts Now Contain Business Name

In the event you set yourself up to receive email review alerts for all of the businesses that you manage, you may have noticed that it wasn't always clear for which business the review was intended. We've added the businesses name to the review alert emails so that it's always clear moving forward.


Multiple Images on Social Ordering Items

You and your merchants can now upload multiple images for each item for sale through the social ordering tool.


New Updates!

+ Allow Sales Agents to Add Businesses

If you decide to hire sales agents or account executives, you can now allow them to add businesses to your platform autonomously

+ Turn Constant Contact & MailChimp Integrations 'On' or 'Off' For Businesses

If you do not want to allow a business to have the ability to collect and store customer data directly into their Constant Contact or MailChimp account, you can now 'turn off' that option in the new business sign-up screen or edit screen --> Check it out!

This is particularly useful if you would like to upsell the feature on certain pricing packages.  


+ Updated RSS Feeds for All Businesses

You can now provide your businesses a more comprehensive and updated list of RSS feeds spanning several pertinent topics. To activate, log in to your admin panel, click "Content", then "Import Feeds" and pick and choose the feeds that you'd like to offer to your businesses.

+ Social Ordering customizable "Takeout" & "Delivery" tabs

You or the merchant can now set custom delivery and takeout labels on the merchant's social ordering platform. These labels will display throughout the admin panel and the ordering app.


New "How We Compare" White Label Slide + Social Ordering

If you or your prospects have ever wondered how your SocialXpand platform compares to other popular social media management platform's, we've pulled together a powerpoint slide that will make you (and your prospects) happy. Locate and download the "How We Compare" file in the Resources dropbox we sent you. Then open it, replace the "Your Business" title and website link at the bottom and start using it in your sales pitch today!


We've also made a change to the takeout and delivery options on a merchant's social ordering app. You or the merchant can now set custom delivery and takeout labels. These labels will display throughout the admin panel and the ordering app.


Email integration and multi-image posting for businesses 

We've made a couple of updates to the business portal:

1) You can now upload multiple photos to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Note:

*The Facebook API does not allow us to post images into one post. Instead each image will be its own Facebook post.

*Twitter only allows 4 photos

*Image should not be bigger than 2MB


2) In addition to Constant Contact and MailChimp email marketing integrations we provided to you as a licensee, we've implemented the same integration on the business portals. Businesses can now have email addresses they collect from their deals and sweepstakes go directly into their Constant Contact and/or MailChimp accounts.


New Telemarketing Guide

We've recently uploaded a telemarketing guide and script for you to use for more effective phone calls with your prospects. Find it in located in your dropbox “Resources.”

New Email Integrations

Collect email addresses from your contact forms on your website directly to Constant Contact or MailChimp with our brand new email integration feature. Click on the "Email integrations" button under the website tab to get started!


New Resources available - Phone Script

The following item has been included in your dropbox “Resources”:

A telemarketing phone script overview which will walk you through how to best conduct cold calls to prospective client


Seamless Payment Integration

You asked and we delivered. You can now seamlessly collect, bill, and account for payments using our new seamless payment solution powered by Stripe. We are proud to provide you this solution no additional cost. It is 100% optional, so if you are happy with your billing method, there is no need to switch. For more information and to get started using our seamless payment solution, click on the new "Billing" button on the left-hand toolbar in your admin panel.


Inventory Tracking for Social Ordering

Inventory tracking has been added.

If enabled you can set inventory levels for each item.

Then on the menu if enabled it will show what is in stock and out of stock....

Lastly once the order is placed the inventory count will be reduced.


Posting to Facebook groups

You can now post to FB Groups. Connect to it in Connections.

You will need additional FB permissions in order to do this so if you would like to be able to post to groups contact us so we can get you approved with Facebook.


Custom Post

We have updated the custom post feature to indicate the number of characters remaining for Twitter link & text posts. This should save you a little time...

Note that Twitter posts can only have 140 characters for text posts and 119 characters for link posts.



We have added the ability for you to add resellers under you and profit from them. Contact us for more information


Create and Add Custom Pages to Your Site

You now have the ability to add custom pages or links to your site... It is located under Website then Pages in your partner admin panel.

You can indicate if they should be in the header, footer, or both.

Please note we do not support building of the custom pages we are just providing you the ability to create and add them.


Text and Hashtag Field

We have added a custom text field so you can now include a message and/or hash tags in posts.


Sales Agent Assignment

You now can now add agents and assign them to manage specific businesses.

When an agent logs in they will just have a list of businesses that they can manage.


Your Admin Panel: Now Mobile Friendly

Based on your requests, we have made your admin panels mobile friendly. Now using your smartphone or tablet to manage your businesses is easier!


Capability to Hide Posts

In case you missed it, you now have the ability to hide articles that have already been posted. This will help clear up the clutter but you can certainly toggle this feature on or off. Go to Social Media and look for 'Hide already posted articles'. Click the check box and previously posted articles will disappear.

Favicon Replacement

You are now able to change your favicon to match your logo. To change your favicon, login to your admin panel > Configuration > Change Favicon.